Road Information

Interstate 189 in Vermont    
Total Mileage in State: 1.5 miles
Eastern End: At I-89, in South Burlington
Western End: At US 7, in Burlington
Mileage covered in Photos: 1.5 miles
Counties covered in Photos: Chittenden
Major Junctions in Photos: US 7, in Burlington
Control Cities in Photos: South Burlington, Burlington



Merging onto Interstate 189 West via Exit 13 on Interstate 89 North. (Photo taken 8/9/17).

View on the ramp to Interstate 189 West. (Photo taken 8/9/17).

View on Interstate 189 West. (Photo taken 8/9/17).

Another view on Interstate 189 West as the ramp from Interstate 89 South meets it. (Photo taken 8/9/17).

Interstate 189 ends 1 mile ahead at the junction of US 7, as this overhead sign reads. (Photo taken 8/9/17).

Interstate 189 West reassurance shield at mile marker 1. (Photo taken 8/9/17).

Speed limit signs at mile marker 0.8. The speed limits on Interstate 189 are 55 mph maximum and 40 mph minimum. (Photo taken 8/9/17).

Use US 7 South to Middlebury and Vergennes. (Photo taken 8/9/17).

When the lights on these signs are flashing, traffic is stopped ahead at the western terminus of Interstate 189 at US 7. (Photo taken 8/9/17).

At mile marker 0.4, these signs warn that Interstate 189 ends 2,000 feet ahead. (Photo taken 8/9/17).

Stay in the right lane for US 7 North to Burlington. Use either lane for US 7 South toward Shelburne and Rutland. (Photo taken 8/9/17).

Turn left ahead onto US 7 South toward Shelburne, Vergennes, Middlebury, and Rutland. Keep to the right onto US 7 North to downtown Burlington. (Photo taken 8/9/17).

Interstate 189 West approaching its western terminus at the junction of US 7. (Photo taken 8/9/17).

Interstate 189 West at its western terminus, which is the junction of US 7 in Burlington. (Photo taken 8/9/17).