Road Information

Interstate 480N in Ohio    
Total Mileage in State: 1.75 miles
Eastern End: At I-271, in Warrensville Heights
Western End: At I-480 West, in Maple Heights
Mileage covered in Photos: 1.75 miles
Counties covered in Photos: Cuyahoga
Major Junctions in Photos: I-480 West, in Maple Heights
Control Cities in Photos: Warrensville Heights, North Randall, Bedford Heights



The Interstate 480N West spur begins here, at Exit 27B from Interstate 271 South. Although not acknowledged on the exit signage, I-480N is signed on its mile markers, as we will see in a couple photos. (Photo taken 9/6/15).

There is one exit on Interstate 480N West during its 1.75-mile duration, and it is 3/4 mile ahead. (Photo taken 9/6/15).

Interstate 480N West at mile marker 1.4. Notice the I-480N shield on the milepost. (Photo taken 9/6/15).

At mile marker 1.2, traffic from Interstate 271 South's express lanes prepares to merge into it from the left. (Photo taken 9/6/15).

The speed limit on Interstate 480N West is 60 mph. (Photo taken 9/6/15).

Interstate 480N West at Exit 1: Miles Rd / Bedford Heights / North Randall (Photo taken 9/6/15).

Advance signage for Exit 24 on Interstate 480 West as Interstate 480N West nears its end. (Photo taken 9/6/15).

Interstate 480N West at mile marker 0, as Interstate 480's mainline westbound traffic comes in on the right to combine with I-480N's 3 westbound lanes. (Photo taken 9/6/15).