Road Information

Interstate 471 in Ohio    
Total Mileage in State: 0.7 miles
Northern End: At I-71, in Cincinnati
Southern End: At Kentucky state line
Mileage covered in Photos: 0.7 miles
Counties covered in Photos: Hamilton
Major Junctions in Photos: None
Control Cities in Photos: Cincinnati



Interstate 471 South begins here, after merging onto it from an unnumbered exit on Interstate 71 South in downtown Cincinnati. (Photo taken 4/16/16).

Interstate 471 South as it curves to the southwest and passes under Interstate 71. (Photo taken 4/16/16).

Interstate 471 South at mile marker 5.4. The mileage of I-471 is shared between Ohio and Kentucky. (Photo taken 4/16/16).

Advance signage for Exit 5, which will be the first exit on Interstate 471 South and will occur on the other side of the Ohio River in Kentucky. (Photo taken 4/16/16).

Take Exit 5 to Newport Aquarium and the Northern Kentucky Convention Center. (Photo taken 4/16/16).

Interstate 471 South as it prepares to cross the Ohio River into Kentucky via the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge. (Photo taken 4/16/16).