Road Information

Interstate 115 in Montana    
Total Mileage in State: 1.1 miles
Eastern End: At I-15 Bus./I-90 Bus., in Butte
Western End: At I-15/I-90, in Butte
Mileage covered in Photos: 1.1 miles
Counties covered in Photos: Silver Bow
Major Junctions in Photos: None
Control Cities in Photos: Butte



Merging onto Interstate 115 East from Interstate 90 East / Interstate 15 North via Exit 124 in Butte. (Photo taken 5/25/16).

As Interstate 115 East begins, we see this sign error on the gore point signage for Exit 124. It has I-115 signed as North, although is should be signed as East. (Photo taken 5/25/16).

Interstate 115 East reassurance shield, alongside Interstate 15 North Business Loop and Interstate 90 East Business Loop shields. These two business loops run concurrently with I-115 for its full 1.1-mile duration into Butte. (Photo taken 5/25/16).

View on Interstate 115 East. (Photo taken 5/25/16).

Take Exit 1 to Montana Tech. (Photo taken 5/25/16).

Interstate 115 East at Exit 1: Excelsior Ave / Walkerville (Photo taken 5/25/16).

Gore point signage for Exit 1. (Photo taken 5/25/16).

Approaching the eastern terminus of Interstate 115, at which point it will become W Iron St, the speed limit decreases to 35 mph. (Photo taken 5/25/16).

Interstate 115 East at its eastern terminus, as it becomes W Iron St in Butte. (Photo taken 5/25/16).

View on W Iron St in Butte, as it approaches a signal at the intersection of Montana St. (Photo taken 5/25/16).