Road Information

Interstate 270 Spur    
Total Mileage in State: 2 miles
Northern End: At I-270, in Bethesda
Southern End: At I-495, in Bethesda
Mileage covered in Photos: 2 miles
Counties covered in Photos: Montgomery
Major Junctions in Photos: I-495, in Bethesda
Control Cities in Photos: Bethesda



Interstate 270 Spur South begins here, as it branches off from Interstate 270 South in Bethesda, providing a direct connection to Interstate 495 South (Capital Beltway). (Photo taken 11/5/15).

There is only one exit during Interstate 270 Spur South's 2-mile duration, and it's 1/2 mile ahead. (Photo taken 11/5/15).

Approaching Exit 1, we see traffic from the HOV lanes of Interstate 270 South merge in on the left. (Photo taken 11/5/15).

Interstate 270 Spur South at Exit 1: Democracy Blvd (Photo taken 11/5/15).

View on Interstate 270 Spur South beyond Exit 1. (Photo taken 11/5/15).

The speed limit on Interstate 270 Spur South is 55 mph for its full 2-mile duration. (Photo taken 11/5/15).

As Interstate 270 Spur South prepares to come to an end and merge into the southbound lanes (Outer Loop) of Interstate 495 (Capital Beltway), this sign directs traffic to NW Washington to use Exit 39 and Downtown Washington traffic to use Exit 43 on I-495. I-270 Spur South traffic will merge into I-495 South (Outer Loop) on the left, just after passing under I-495 ahead. (Photo taken 11/5/15).