Road Information

Interstate 480 in Iowa    
Total Mileage in State: 0.7 miles
Eastern End: At US 6, in Council Bluffs
Western End: At Nebraska state line
Mileage covered in Photos: 0.7 miles
Counties covered in Photos: Pottawattamie
Major Junctions in Photos: None
Control Cities in Photos: Council Bluffs



Approaching the beginning of Interstate 480 West, on US 6 West in Council Bluffs. (Photo taken 5/29/16).

Passing under Interstate 29 and the ramps to and from it, Interstate 480 West begins. The speed limits on I-480 West start out at 50 mph maximum and 40 mph minimum. (Photo taken 5/29/16).

Interstate 480 West reassurance shield approaching the Missouri River. (Photo taken 5/29/16).

View on Interstate 480 West as downtown Omaha comes into view, nearing the Missouri River. (Photo taken 5/29/16).

Interstate 480 West as it starts across the Missouri River and into Nebraska. (Photo taken 5/29/16).