Road Information

Interstate 129 in Iowa    
Total Mileage in State: 0.3 miles
Eastern End: At I-29/US 20/US 75, in Sioux City
Western End: At Nebraska state line
Mileage covered in Photos: 0.3 miles
Counties covered in Photos: Woodbury
Major Junctions in Photos: I-29, in Sioux City
Control Cities in Photos: Sioux City



Iowa welcome sign as Interstate 129 East enters the state by crossing the Missouri River from Nebraska. Interstate 129 East at Exit 1A: Interstate 29 South / US 75 Business - Council Bluffs / Sioux Gateway Airport (Photo taken 8/9/20).

Interstate 129 East at Exit 1B: Interstate 29 North - Downtown Sioux City (Photo taken 8/9/20).

View on Interstate 129 East as it passes over Interstate 29 and thus reaches its eastern terminus. (Photo taken 8/9/20).

US 20 East / US 75 North continue in an eastward direction after Interstate 129 East ends, and traffic from Interstate 29 North joins US 20 East / US 75 North ahead on the right. (Photo taken 8/9/20).

US 20 East / US 75 North reassurance shields to the east of Interstate 29. (Photo taken 8/9/20).

Advance signage for Exit 1 on US 20 East / US 75 North. (Photo taken 8/9/20).